The Campaign to Create the Future of the Mount

Our Mission, Our Moment, Our Mount is a comprehensive fundraising campaign to provide the very best student experience, meet the needs of employers and our region, and help students and faculty reach new heights.

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Our Mission, Our Moment, Our Mount

At the Mount, we believe that no challenge—nor any level of success—should prevent us from evolving together. That’s why we are looking with fresh eyes at how we can create a foundation for future growth and redefine what it means to live significantly. We must prepare the Mount and its students to answer this call—and this campaign will make it possible. You will make it possible.

This is Our Mission. This is Our Moment. This is Our Mount.

Fundraising Priorities

We will build on our success, embrace what comes next, and continue our momentum and impact in the years to come. With your support, we will:

  • Create an entirely new School of Health Professions driven by student interest and critical workforce demand for health professionals
$20 million
  • Invest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by enhancing facilities to match the accomplishments of our faculty, staff, and students
$20 million
  • Continue to strengthen Mount Athletics, establish connections to relevant academic programs, and provide developmental opportunities for students and staff on and off the field
$10 million
  • Enhance the financial health of the Mount by building a stronger Annual Fund and endowment

Campaign Ambassadors

Mrs. Frances Becker, C’75
Mr. Richard B. Becker, C’75
Mr. David P. Conaghan, C’81
Mr. David M. DiLuigi, C’92
Mr. Robert C. Dondero, C’74
Mr. Thomas J. Harrington, III, C’78
Mrs. Gracelyn Ashby McDermott, C’93
Mr. Richard P. Miller, C’74